Welcome to Zion Trinity. Here we try to make a difference to the World. Leave a World behind better than what we came into

Fund raising

Internet Graffiti

Leave a mark on the Internet.  We make it possible for you to design your own graffiti which will be memorialized on the Internet in these pages. 

For a small donation your Graffiti will be published on the website. It could be the name of your Company, yourself or a cause that is dear to your heart. 

You will be able to upload the image and then make payment upon which we will incorporate the image into our Internet Graffiti page. 

Your donation will help us fund causes that help the underprivileged. Make a mark on the World. Be remembered for your good deeds

Personalized Happy Birthday Song

Trying to find a birthday song for someone but just can’t find there name in any birthday song then come to us.

For a small donation just say the person who you want to add in the birthday song then we will give you a the brand new birthday song. 

With the person you wanted in the birthday song ready to surprise the person with there son personalized  happy birthday song!

Rate Your Music

Not feeling sure if your song will be a successes and getting worried if all your hard work would be for noting then come here,

For a small donation so can just upload your song then a AI will listen to your song then it will give you a chance on how successful your song will

and so you will know if all of your hard work payed of or not!

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Here we try to make a difference to the World. Leave a World behind better than what we came into


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30,000 Diapers Donation

AJ Youth volunteers from New Jersey – Laasya, Lalith and Anjali raised funds to contribute 30,000 diapers to HomeFront a non-profit organization that helps local

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